Reader Feature: Flickering Light Gel Candles

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flickering-light-headerKathy and I originally set up this website to organize the stuff we were learning when we started making candles.

From that, we decided to set it up as a free course over email. I didn’t realize how many people would be looking for our course!

We’re starting to hear from our students, and it’s awesome!

Today, we’re bringing to you Flickering Light Gel Candles, by Debra Tidd.

From her Facebook page:

Hand Crafted Gel Candles with zinc wicks that burn longer and cleaner than any other candle I have ever heard of. They are lightly scented with fragrance oils that have a flashpoint of 170° or higher and have all been tested for polarity. These candles are decorated with embellishments such as sand, marbles, gems and other non-flammable items.

Visit Flickering Light on Facebook, and while you’re there, please give her a Like!

If you’ve taken our course, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or visit the contact form.

Make Over $100 On $50 Worth of Candle Supplies

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Since you’ve been getting our email course on making candles, you might be at the point where you’re ready to buy a few more supplies and ramp up some candle production.

(If you’re not getting our email course, you should be! Along with getting 7 lessons for free on making candles, you’ll get a special discount code to make the links on this page a little more enjoyable. Use the form to the right to sign up (the code comes around week 5)!)

When Kathy and I buy our supplies, we primarily use The Candlewic Company. We’ve bought from three companies, and we will do some shopping around, but for the most part we buy from these guys. If you want to know more about why, check out this review of Candlewic I posted a little while ago.

Spending $50

If you’ve been following along, you know you need a certain number of items to make candles. Chances are you’ve got the basics and can spend some extra money on supplies (if you need to know what the basics are, you need our free candle making course). If I had $50 to spend on candle supplies, here’s how I’d do it:


12 oz. Libbey Vibe Jar with Flat Lid
price: $17.95


5 lb bag: Soy Wax (Soy-120) for Container Candles x 2
price: $13.90


Standard Container Wick Assembly 8″ CD-16
price: $8.95 (you get 100 wicks)


For new scents, I usually pick up a few 1 oz. bottles to see which I like best. Then I decide which to buy in larger quantities (it’s much cheaper to buy an 8 oz container than eight 1 oz containers).

price: $2.75 each

Total cost: $51.35

You’ve got 12 jars, and this will fill them up. Shipping will cost around $20 because of the weight. You can easily get $15 per jar, for a gross of $180.

Your net: $110. Not bad! :) For an 8 oz candle, you could get even more than $15.

The other good thing is your fragrance, wicks, and some of the wax will last for several more candles, so that won’t be an expense next time. I only figured the net profit based on 12 candles.

The only thing left once you make your candles is to sell them! Craig’s List, eBay, and Etsy are great options. If you make several dozen candles, you could get a spot at a nearby flea market.

Something I’ve intended to do but haven’t yet is to set up a table on the corner of my street. A few signs will get customers to stop by.

When you order your supplies and make some candles, please send me a photo! I’d love to feature your work on the blog, and potentially even send some customers your way!

Disclosure: OurCandleMaking is an affiliate of Candlewic. We believe in their products, and they trust our customer referrals. As a result of this relationship, we do get a small commission from them when you go to their site via some of the links on this page. If you prefer not to buy with our affiliate link, you can just go to the site via this link: The Candlewic Company. But we do thank you tremendously for using our affiliate links!

If you would be so kind, if you think we deserve the commission, please click the link below to search for and purchase your products. The individual product links aren’t affiliate links, but this one is. Again, we thank you so much!

Click here to buy candle supplies from Candlewic! (Affiliate link)

If you found this page without being subscribed to the free candle making course, you’re missing out! This is a special email in a 7-lesson series to get you started in your new hobby! If you’re not subscribed, sign up here!

Be The First To Get One of Our New Candles!

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10oz. Scented Soy Container CandleIt took long enough, but we finally priced out the cost for making our candles and shipping them. We’re finally ready to start selling some!

Check out the first official listing!

What we’re offering

We’re working on two different “lines”, I guess you could call them. With the first couple candles we sell, we’re going to let you pick the scents.


Kathy is from Paraguay, and she wants to share the smells she loves and misses from the tropical paradise she calls home. Currently we’re offering the following scents in the Recuerdos line:

  • Eucalyptus Mint
  • Watermelon
  • Jasmine

Coffee Shop

Jason *loves* coffee. He’s almost a coffee snob, but don’t be angry. This quasi-snobbery has inspired some really cool café scents:

  • Orange Latte
  • Chocolate Raspberry Latte
  • Javamint

We’re always experimenting with more, so keep on the lookout. We’ve got a lot of ideas, but we’re short on funds so as we sell, we experiment more. As we find some keepers, we’ll add them to the lines!

General pricing

The “pick your own” scents are all made in Libby jars with lids. Kathy’s been making other colored gel candles with some other fragrances, and we’ll be adding those as well. And as you know, we’ve been collecting containers from thrift stores, and we’ll start listing those as well.

For the libby jars, our soy candles are $15 and our gel candles are $20. They’re the same size, but the gel just lasts so much longer. It’s more than twice the candle in the same container, but we don’t think anyone will pay $30. ;)

Discount code!

To celebrate our opening (it’s not so grand, but it’s something!), we’re going to offer 10% off to folks who use our special coupon code at Etsy: IREADOCM

Click here to use your coupon on a 10oz. scented soy container candle!

Thanks for your support! As always, just let us know if you have any questions.

-j & k

Review: My New Favorite Place To Buy Candle Making Supplies

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Review: My New Favorite Place To Buy Candle Making SuppliesKathy and I made what I’d call our first real supply “run” a couple weeks ago, and I was so impressed, I wanted to share the experience with you. Not only do they sell candle making supplies, but they also provide soap making supplies as well.

Today I’m going to tell you about The Candlewic Company.

Picking the place

One of the first things I had been looking for when we started was where to buy our supplies from. When you’re new, you’re usually just looking for inexpensive because you really have no clue what you’re looking for.

Now that we kind of knew what we wanted to invest some money into, we decided it was time to make some bulk purchases. We were looking for fragrances, dyes, and both gel and soy wax.

I’ll just say it: if you want to buy in bulk, use Candlewic.

Why Candlewic?

There are places you’ll get cheaper supplies, and there are places you’ll get more expensive supplies, than what you’ll pay at Candlewic. The difference is minimal (I guess unless there’s a sale), at least for the small stuff. Once you start buying on a larger scale, the savings add up.

For example, we wanted to buy jars. At first glance, Candlewic’s Libby Status jars were more expensive than those of another vendor by a few dollars. Then I realized that the other vendor sold the lids separately; they didn’t come with the jars. The price for Candlewic ended up being much cheaper as a result.

Then I looked at the waxes. We wanted gel and soy, but the gel comes in super large buckets. In this case, we went with The Candlemakers’ Store because we could buy a smaller amount, but in reality it would have been cheaper per pound to get it through Candlewic. The soy, however, was a great deal in a 10 lb quantity as well as larger.

Getting the goods

I was only mildly pro-Candlewic at the point of the sale. When I really fell for them was the next day, when my products arrived. A full day ahead of Lonestar, and the real special part is that the supplies showed up before I got the email with the tracking number. That came later in the afternoon, after the shipment.

It doesn’t really matter where you shop, the shipping is going to be about the same, and you might as well stock up on the light stuff to make up for it. But for the stuff to come the next day was just fun. We had four candles sold by the end of the week!

Some disclosure

As a result of my experience with Candlewic, I have signed up for their affiliate program. I have been looking for an affiliate since starting the blog but wanted to make sure I could stand behind the companies I promote here. I’ve got no problem recommending Candlewic to you. If you click on the links to their store and buy something, you help support this website and we thank you gratefully.

If you’re ready to make some supply purchases and you’re still looking for a place to shop, try Candlewic and let us know how you like them!

We Have Our First Winner!

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The first contest to win a scented candle has ended, and I’m so proud to announce our first winner!

Our winner is Lori C.! The winning entry came from all of the people on our candle making lesson email list.

Here’s how I picked the winner

Throughout the duration of the contest, I kept track of everyone who signed up for the lessons, liked OurCandleMaking on Facebook, left a comment answering the question we asked, and tweeted about either the lesson emails or the contest.

I randomized the list using the sequence generator at, assigning everyone a number (a sequence of numbers whose order was randomized), and then I used their random number generator to pick the winning entry.

Congratulation’s Lori!

We’ll ship the candle out to you right away.

For the rest of you, don’t worry! We’ll have other contests here and there. The next one will be announced in January, ending just in time for Valentine’s Day. ;)

Just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite smell for Valentine’s Day?

Candlewic Candle and Soap Making Supplies