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10oz. Scented Soy Container CandleIt took long enough, but we finally priced out the cost for making our candles and shipping them. We’re finally ready to start selling some!

Check out the first official listing!

What we’re offering

We’re working on two different “lines”, I guess you could call them. With the first couple candles we sell, we’re going to let you pick the scents.


Kathy is from Paraguay, and she wants to share the smells she loves and misses from the tropical paradise she calls home. Currently we’re offering the following scents in the Recuerdos line:

  • Eucalyptus Mint
  • Watermelon
  • Jasmine

Coffee Shop

Jason *loves* coffee. He’s almost a coffee snob, but don’t be angry. This quasi-snobbery has inspired some really cool café scents:

  • Orange Latte
  • Chocolate Raspberry Latte
  • Javamint

We’re always experimenting with more, so keep on the lookout. We’ve got a lot of ideas, but we’re short on funds so as we sell, we experiment more. As we find some keepers, we’ll add them to the lines!

General pricing

The “pick your own” scents are all made in Libby jars with lids. Kathy’s been making other colored gel candles with some other fragrances, and we’ll be adding those as well. And as you know, we’ve been collecting containers from thrift stores, and we’ll start listing those as well.

For the libby jars, our soy candles are $15 and our gel candles are $20. They’re the same size, but the gel just lasts so much longer. It’s more than twice the candle in the same container, but we don’t think anyone will pay $30. ;)

Discount code!

To celebrate our opening (it’s not so grand, but it’s something!), we’re going to offer 10% off to folks who use our special coupon code at Etsy: IREADOCM

Click here to use your coupon on a 10oz. scented soy container candle!

Thanks for your support! As always, just let us know if you have any questions.

-j & k


  1. Hi Jason, what is the Javamint like. Interesting see what the scent is like :). I’ve tried the Jasmine scent and it’s amazing.

    Sarah Midland

    • Hey Sarah,

      The javamint is a scent I came up with that is pretty nice. Coffee is still the base, but there are also hints of chocolate and mint. :)


  2. Aww sounds like a nice scent, I would love to give it a try, how much are they for a pack of 4.


    Sarah Midland

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