Make Over $100 On $50 Worth of Candle Supplies

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Since you’ve been getting our email course on making candles, you might be at the point where you’re ready to buy a few more supplies and ramp up some candle production.

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When Kathy and I buy our supplies, we primarily use The Candlewic Company. We’ve bought from three companies, and we will do some shopping around, but for the most part we buy from these guys. If you want to know more about why, check out this review of Candlewic I posted a little while ago.

Spending $50

If you’ve been following along, you know you need a certain number of items to make candles. Chances are you’ve got the basics and can spend some extra money on supplies (if you need to know what the basics are, you need our free candle making course). If I had $50 to spend on candle supplies, here’s how I’d do it:


12 oz. Libbey Vibe Jar with Flat Lid
price: $17.95


5 lb bag: Soy Wax (Soy-120) for Container Candles x 2
price: $13.90


Standard Container Wick Assembly 8″ CD-16
price: $8.95 (you get 100 wicks)


For new scents, I usually pick up a few 1 oz. bottles to see which I like best. Then I decide which to buy in larger quantities (it’s much cheaper to buy an 8 oz container than eight 1 oz containers).

price: $2.75 each

Total cost: $51.35

You’ve got 12 jars, and this will fill them up. Shipping will cost around $20 because of the weight. You can easily get $15 per jar, for a gross of $180.

Your net: $110. Not bad! :) For an 8 oz candle, you could get even more than $15.

The other good thing is your fragrance, wicks, and some of the wax will last for several more candles, so that won’t be an expense next time. I only figured the net profit based on 12 candles.

The only thing left once you make your candles is to sell them! Craig’s List, eBay, and Etsy are great options. If you make several dozen candles, you could get a spot at a nearby flea market.

Something I’ve intended to do but haven’t yet is to set up a table on the corner of my street. A few signs will get customers to stop by.

When you order your supplies and make some candles, please send me a photo! I’d love to feature your work on the blog, and potentially even send some customers your way!

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  1. Hi Jason

    I have tried the White Tea & Ginger Scent before it is quite nice. I do love the Vanilla And Toffee Popcorn that I gave a try last week. It smells better than you think :)

    I have also signed up for your ecourse, to see what tips you have.

    Thank you

    Sarah Midland

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